Welcome to our little flock. My name is Jaime Neeb, my husband is Matt, & our little "sweet pea" daughter is Taylor. We live on the home farm where Matt grew up, located in southwestern Ontario, just outside Stratford in  beautiful Perth County, Ontario, Canada. We are situated on 25 acres of farm land and bush, and surrounded by another 400 acres of protected bush land. It is a wonderful place to live, and it makes us proud that we can keep things on the home farm going. The whole "sheep-farm, promote to vineyards and orchards" thing, is my idea. For better or worse...
We are one of Canada's largest breeders of Registered Babydoll sheep!

As we are participate in the Canadian Voluntary Scrapie program,
our little flock meets the requirements and proudly exports our Babydolls around the world.

Not too bad, for a "little" breeder.

Back in the day, Matt's family raised some pigs, cattle, chickens, and maybe a rabbit or two (or 500!!!). In 2005, Matt & I bought the farm. May 2006, we welcomed a small bundle of pink joy, our daughter Taylor. The barn was built in 1985, a driving-shed addition later put on the north side, and in the summer of 2009, we completed a “tractor shed” addition to the south-side, a showroom to house all the restored John Deere tractors my father-in-law is in-love with! When our “little baby”, Taylor, was old enough to help with chores, and we always said when she was old enough to help out, we would get “her” some animals. At the age of 3, she was mildly excited about the arrival of the sheep, though has said she really wanted some "ears with floppy bunnies". That would be some floppy-eared bunnies, for those of you who don't speak 3!

I am a rural girl, though not from a farm. I think miniature donkeys are sweet, cows are scary, and adult pigs exceptionally large! I admire/view these livestock - from a far. When doing research of "potential barn-fillers", I fell in love with Olde English Babydoll Southdown Sheep . They are a small, very lovable animal (small and cute being my main criteria to start off with). I always wanted to fill our barn with an assortment of animals, though now I am solely focused on making this rare, miniature breed more accessible to a greater variety of people. As a little girl I was going to be a Biologist, and while my career direction has changed a couple times, I still have a dream of raising and caring for some little animals. I am also passionate about the environment. And while parenthood did not bless us twice, I think these little miniature marvels will satisfy my maternal needs, my effort to make our little part of the world more environmentally conscious, and bring awareness and education to a greater number of people of the wonders of the Olde English Babydoll sheep.

To see the story and pictures of the making of the our little flock barn, click on the highlighted link in this sentence.  Stay tuned for the 2011 renovation pictures.

(I have promised hubby that there will be no renovation 2012, or 2013.....)