When we imported our starter flock from Vermont, USA in November 2009, we had them sheared. While in Vermont, the sheep roamed in the pasture, and got into a burdock patch and were covered in burrs. To clean them up, we had them sheared a few days after we brought them home to our farm. Then, with the second import in May 2011 from New Jersey, this flock, as well as the alpaca, had just been sheared.  I then had my original flock of 13 sheared in May as well, to get everyone on the same shearing schedule.  We will be having the sheep and alpaca sheared every May. We only shear once a year.

In October 2010, after the shearer had returned for the sheep's annual shearing, we offered these unprocessed fleeces for sale on a first-come, visit-served basis. All 13 fleece were sold within one week.  Seems that just as the Babydoll sheep is rare, so is the fleece off its back.

Starting in the spring of 2012, I have decided to offer Babydoll rovings, rather than the unprocessed fleece.  A local mill will wash and process the fleece into rovings, which I will then sell in 2 ounce quantities.  These hard-to-get rovings will be ready for you to spin on its own, or blended with another wool.  The sky is the limit, well, that and your imagination.  In addition to rovings, I will also have yarn spun and available for sale.  I will be having alpaca wool and Babydoll fleece blended as well.  This will be a superbly soft yarn!  You can purchase Babydoll rovings, yarn, and blended yarn by contacting our little flock.

Need help finding a shearer for you flock of sheep?  View our Shearing page for a link to a list of Ontario Shearers.
* this Masquarde before her shearing *

Babydolls produce down-wool which is extremely elastic, resilient, and springy.  Down-wool yarns have a great loft and bulk, making it excellent for durable, warm sweater and winter wear, as well as cozy blankets.
Staple Length:  2½ - 3 inches / 62.5 mm - 75 mm
O Micron Range:  22.5 to 31 microns
O Characteristics:  tight crimp, good bounce
* Look at my poster-girl now! 
I love this picture - beautiful ewe, colours, shelter and sheep in the background.