Well, it has officially happened.  Matt and I traveled to New Jersey on May 12th, 2011 to purchase a flock of Babydoll sheep sheep from a most wonderful couple.  Dorla has been breeding Babydolls for over 20 years now, and after lambing season 2011 decided it was time to hang up the shepherd's hook and retire from the daily commitment of chores and caring for livestock.

I was on Dorla's waiting list for spring 2011 ewe lambs.  I started calling each and every breeder, qualified to export to Canada, in the winter of 2010.  The number of ewe lambs available were few and far between.  It seemed as though I would not be able to increase the size of my flock until 2012 or later.  Dorla was one of my last phone calls to the American breeders.  She figured she would have a couple ewe lambs available for the spring, so I sent off my deposit.  Later that spring, she sent me an email and asked if I would consider buying her flock.  Of course, I did not have to think hard about this!
It is a rare opportunity to be able to purchase breeding-age ewes, let-alone healthy, beautiful, well-cared for breeding stock.  Dorla's sheep and her history with Olde English Babydoll Southdowns spans back to the start of the Mock Registry.  She has spent more than 2 decades breeding for great conformation and great fleece.  Words do not do justice to the honour I feel to have been offered the opportunity to purchase her flock.  I now have 8 more breeding-age ewes, 4 new ewe lambs, 4 wethers, and 3 new breeding rams.  They have solid fleece and some are spotted!  To the best of my knowledge, this makes me the first breeder in Canada with the exceptionally rare spotted Babydoll!  It has been a dream since first getting Babydolls to own a spotted one.

Matt and I then stopped in Oneida, New York to pick up a spotted 171 RR/AA ram.  Steele is a great addition to my breeding program and will add the highly sought after Scrapie resistance to my program.  He is a gorgeous, solid ram with a gentle spirit.