Our commitment to, and enrollment in, the Canadian Scrapie Program allows us to export our sheep to most countries. Add to that my dedication and determination to help you get your miniature sheep where ever in the world you are, and your dream of owning your own flock of Babydoll sheep can become a reality.  (except of course Australia, I have banged my head on the wall long enough about this one, and it has finally sunken in that Australia does not want my sheep or anyone else's sheep, with regulations and restrictions so high and thick that no one person alone would be able to penetrate!)

The process of Government required testing, blood work, Vet checks, and paperwork, etc. can take about 1 year to complete. Please allow this amount of time when wishing to have your sheep exported to you.  I am willing to do a considerable amount of research and time spent on finding out what my export regulations are, though you also need to be able to commit to researching what your import regulations are.
Did you know that our little flock is the ONLY Babydoll breeder in Canada
that is permitted to export sheep into Scrapie-regulated countries?

Flight and Incidental costs for airline travel, including airline approved pet carrier, as well as a $180 transport fee for me to deliver your pet safely to the airport on-time.  Regulations state that only one animal may travel in each carrier.  Lambs and pigs are considered "livestock" and therefore fly in the heated cargo bay.  As cargo, this dictates what airports the animal(s) can fly into.
Permanent ID, vaccinations, and blood work can be required. These costs vary and are extra, paid for by you, the Purchaser.
Any fees incurred at the airport, related to the transport of your lamb(s) (such as cancellation fees) are the responsibility of you, the Purchaser.
Payment of cargo flight will be booked using my Visa. I will book a flight for a day and time that we mutually agree upon.  I will invoice you for travel expenses, and payment MUST be received at least 24-hours prior to the flight.  If it is not received by this time, the flight will be cancelled and an extra $50 fee will be applied to the unpaid invoice.
I also have a contact for "bulk" cargo, so if you are thinking of purchasing 6 or more lambs, I can get you a "bulk" quote and you could possibly save up to 50% off the cost of shipping your lambs in individual crates through the airlines.
In June 2011 we had our breeding flock of Olde English Babydoll Southdown sheep genotype tested for their resistance to the Scrapie virus.  Sheep breeders in Canada and the USA are working toward maintaining a flock of 171QR or 171RR sheep (171RR means the sheep is MOST resistant to the Scrapie virus, though this does not guarantee that the sheep will never acquire Scrapie).  We successfully shipped 6 lambs to Germany in 2012, and all these lambs are doing great.  As of 2015 all of our lambs are either 171QR or 171RR genotypes for Scrapie resistance.  A strong flock contains lambs of both genotypes.  Blood testing for Scrapie genotypes can be done at the Purchaser's request and expense.

There are different regulations for each country of import, and as a result, different protocol we must adhere to if we are to export my lambs, or frozen embryos.  We work with a great team of local Veterinarians, CFIA Vets, Cargo Agents, and Government personnel who can help us accomplish the export of my Babydoll lambs to you.

Of course you want a Babydoll lamb, though you live across the province, or on the other side of Canada, or across the world! Let me help. I have been researching what WE need to know to get your our little flock Babydoll lambs safely to you, by air or land.
Air travel:

As far as air travel goes, our farm is closest to Pearson International Airport in Toronto, ON.  We fly lambs cross country using WestJet, departing only from Toronto, Ontario.  For larger or International destinations, we use a Cargo Agent who is well versed in the paper work and regulations.

You, the purchaser, will be responsible for paying all expenses and charges relating to the shipment of your lamb(s). This includes, but is not limited to:
Be sure to ask me any questions you have, and if I haven't lived the answers yet, I will find out for you.

Land travel within Ontario:

I have a contact that I use for shipping lambs. If you live within Canada, let me know if you would like to me get an estimate of how much ground transport would cost to ship your lamb(s).