In the first week of August 2011, our local newspaper came out to do a story about the farm and our Farm Open House being held on Saturday, August 6th, 2011.  With the front page feature story that resulted from this, a video was also produced.  Here is the link to view the video:  Farm Tour.  I especially love Taylor's contribution!  We held the Farm Open House to allow the public the opportunity to see our rare, miniature animals, that some may never get to see again in their lives.  My father-in-law had his antique John Deere tractor collection on display, and pulled the hay wagon with one of the old girls to give visitors rides through the bush and around the field.  People lined up for 30 minutes to get a ride!  This, in itself, reminded Matt and I what a special place this is, that we call home.
Here is the link to the front page, feature article the Beacon Herald did on our little flock.  In part, due to the exposure we garnered from this article, we welcomed an estimated 500 people to our first Farm Open House on August 6th, 2011, and raised $2,309 for the London Health Sciences Foundation benefiting the Multi-Organ Transplant Unit.  Thank you to everyone who donated.

The morning of Saturday, August 6th, 2011, SNAP'd Perth newspaper came over to the farm prior to the hoards of visitors to do a piece on on the farm and our animals.  Unlike her cousin from the city, Taylor is not afraid of getting a little poop on her shoes (or toes for that matter)!  This was another great story and should help raise awareness for the rare little animals that are close to or just coming back from near extinction.  Here is this link:  our little flock got SNAP'd.

I was contacted by CKNX Radio and asked to do a radio interview about our little flock.  I found it rather amusing that the radio station that Matt's parent's listen to at the trailer in the summertime (mainly to catch the obituaries they joke) was wanting to speak with me about the animals.  It was a good interview.  You can listen to the CKNX radio interview - my bit starts at 01:04:43.

In December 2011, I did an interview for Maclean's magasine.  The January 23rd, 2012 issue came out and of course the article sparked further debate that this small little breed of micro mini pet pigs do not exist.  I was ready for the negative criticism, and rather than shy away from the controversy the article may invoke, I did the interview in an attempt to educate people about mini pet pigs, micro minis in particular.

Mid-January 2012, I did an interview with Wei Chen for the CBC Ontario Morning show, after she read the article in Maclean's.  This was my second radio interview since the inception of our little flock, and I  "rocked it".  My interview with Wei begins at about 23:00.

On Tuesday, March 14th, 2012, I hosted the Stratford OSPCA March Break Camp for the morning.  The participants came and got to interact with the animals while I spoke about the animals and what is involved with their care.  It was a great opportunity for the city kids to come out and learn about different types of animals.

And with all the publicity and awareness of our little flock spreading like wildfire, our time then became devoted to more animals, exploring new opportunities with international markets, and squeezing in some time to sleep.  We no longer do farm tours or fundraising events, as we have increased our BioSecurity protocols to comply with International standards.  And this is okay with the animals, they weren't big on all the attention anyway!